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This ebook is filled to the brim with insight and practical tools to help you notice, name and move beyond your anxiety.

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    This ebook is not just for the anxious person- it’s for every single person who is living & breathing. Whether you put a name to it or not- we all live with some aspect of anxiety. After reading Cassie’s ebook on anxiety- I felt understood, seen, and walked away with new tools. Cassie’s words are a breath of fresh air in our world right now."


    St. Petersburg, FL

    What you get:

    • A more holistic understanding of anxiety and how it shows up in our every day lives
    • Practical tools to help you better manage and control your anxiety so it doesn't control you
    • You'll walk away empowered and a sense of relief knowing there is a future that doesn't have debilitating anxiety in the forecast

    What is it all about?

    This book does not offer a formula to " fix" anxiety and is not meant to replace therapy. However, this book is an invitation to a different perspective towards anxiety that can offer you insight, tools, and relief. The book is informative yet grounded in offering practical exercises that can be an introduction to a new relationship with Anxiety and that you can use any time on your own.

    The only ingredients you need are an open mind and a heart to try something new! So come along...Let's try on a new relationship with anxiety.